Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Insights Today

I studied Carl Jung rather what someone wrote about Jung, and the theory that we are either intellectual with an emotional back, or emotional with a intellectual back. (In drinking terms, “back” means second or secondary, like washing down a jigger of whiskey with a glass of water.)

Jung was speaking of the soul, not bourbon. But…

His theory was that we spend most of our time in our primary state—either intellectual or emotional—and draw on our secondary state of being as needed. But, he also felt that we use our secondary state of mind to contact the Divine and God. For instance we might understand the concept of God in intellect but make a connection to Spirit or the Higher Consciousness or Divine Cosmos (God) within our emotions. Or vice versa.

Since I read that I have been trying to figure out if I am an emotion based being with intellectual tendencies, or an intellectural being with emotions. I’m stumped. I think I am both—they say women can draw upon both “hemispheres” of the brain at the same time more easily than men—and the theory is that the left-side of the brain is the seat of reason and logic and intellect, while the right side of the brain is for emotions, inspiration, feeling, creativity, etc.

Of course “real” psychologists don’t believe that. It’s a "new age" theory.

Anyway, I prefer my intellect, I like staying in mind—language, thinking, reasoning, logic…and that leads to suspect I am avoiding emotions and feelings because they are my secondary mental state—tho why I am avoiding them, I don’t know. Life hurts sometimes. SIGH. But if Carl Jung was right, This is where I will be actually contacting the Divine Beingness and spirituality, in my feelings on the emotional level.

Anyway, I ran across a word recently that intrigues me. Panentheism. Now pantheism is something I had heard of. It’s when the divine is considered to be inside of everything—like in nature—God’s spirit dwells in trees and even rocks. Very ancient, maybe even caveman roots to this theory—but I didn’t realize that it also means, God is ONLY inside of things. So Panentheism is a word that describes God as within and without. Sort of like: The Divine is within me, but I am also within the Divine. God is out there somewhere, but also inside my own mind or soul or spirit (as you will.)

I can buy that. I do not subscribe to the theory that God is only out there somewhere, up in Heaven or someplace else. That is dualism and a whole other topic.

In my church we address God at the beginning of prayers as “Mother-Father God” acknowledging that God is not just Daddy but also Mommy. Or rather not strictly male or female. That the Creator is combined masculine and feminine divinity.

It is interesting to note that the Bible names God at the beginning of time (Judeo-Christian history) as Jehovah which is translated as YAHWEH in Hebrew. (I am not sure of the spelling since ancient Hebrew didn’t have vowels.) YAHWEH means male/female. The creator is male/female combined or Mother/Father God.

The symbol of the Hebrew religion is a six pointed star, two triangles overlapping--one pointing up, one pointing down. It is interesting to note that separately the triangle pointing up is the ancient symbol for male, and the triangle pointing down is the ancient symbol for female. So the symbol is YAHWEH—Mother/Father God.

This was a revelation to me. I am having difficulty thinking of God as Mother and Father both and still being ONE GOD. But today I related that to the inner God and outer God concept. God outside of me is the Father, and God within me is Mother. I like that. For other people, it might be the opposite, just as some may relate to God more in the masculine or intellectual “Father,” and some with feminine or emotional “Mother.”

I have never had trouble believing God as a Trinity. Since I have the two “persons” of God now…Father and Mother (CREATOR and HOLY SPIRIT?) … I have not come to a revelation about the Third part of God yet. I have a lot of intellectual ideas about that—but nothing has been revealed to me on my emotional side yet—the place where I don’t just think I know God, but where I feel the Presence of God. ~~~

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