Sunday, January 30, 2011

My weekend

This has not been MY weekend for entertainment.

I went to a play at Little Theater in Albuquerque last night. At least I think it was Albuquerque since I couldn't find the damn place. I don't trust Mapquest anymore because it sent me through some pretty creepy areas downtown, from a well-lighted well-known thoroughfare into a very dark neighborhood with a couple of dead-end streets.

This was after I drove from the East Mountains down Sedillo Hill on I-40 in the pitch dark all the way to the Rio Grande exit that's just short of the Rio Grande River (yes, the real Rio Grande.) This trip included driving through the Big I (major freeway interchange that looks like the interchanges in California.)

The Big I is scary even with the sun shining and moderate traffic. The traffic on Friday and Saturday nights in Albuquerque is worse than rush hour on weekdays because ALL the streets are jammed with traffic not just the freeways. And Albuquerque is a small city. Yow.

Coming into town from my side of the mountains, I saw two big semi's coming down the road behind me driving side by side, neck to neck. I got a bad feeling when I saw they were gaining on me and I was doing 65 (the speed limit. Hey-hey.)

When they caught up to me one changed lanes and they sped past me still neck and neck, one on each side of me. It was terrifying. It was like driving between two moving skyscrapers. I have a little Ford Focus. I hate passing trucks or have them pass me mainly because they can't even see me.

Coming home I took a wrong turn onto Central (I think it was Central) and drove around and around downtown for a half hour including driving on a one-way street going the wrong way. I was completely lost and had no idea where I was. I have never driven downtown except when I went to court for jury duty and then once to bail someone out of jail.

On a Saturday night, too, downtown's crawling with the nightlife going to and fro for clubs or whatever the hell they do downtown. I finally found a street I recognized (the name only, since it was too damn dark to see anything. I made a quick turn and then got off of it instead of sticking it out. Then driving through a dark neighborhood I got tired of sitting at a red light when there was absolutely no one coming for a mile in each direction. So I drove through the red light (after looking, or course. I was sober and not stupid.)

I guess the thing I learned from this experience is that everything out there looks way different after dark. Even my own yard. Especially when there's no moon. And no lights out here in the mountains. Downtown made up for no lights, however.

I am determined not to go downtown ever again. If I get called for Jury Duty again I'm having someone drive me to the front door. Someone who knows where they're going.

Little Theater has been remodeled in recent years. They made it bigger. And put the seats closer together. I was in the middle of a row squished between other people with less leg (and arm) room than the average airplane seat. On top of that the woman in front of me was tall and I had to keep leaning from side to side or tilting my head from side to side which gave me a really nice neck ache.

I got there early because I was part of group of Sisters in Crime local chapter Croak and Dagger. We are the Albuquerque mystery writers and readers group. Last time we came to a play as a group, we were seated in the second row and the director of Little Theaters announced Sisters in Crime was there and had us stand up for applause. This time were sitting near the back and not acknowledged. Heck, as celebrities go we don't have many in Albuquerque. You'd think they'd be thrilled to let people know a group of writers were present. Oh well.

On top of that, the play that I can't even remember the name of (I think it was Sherlock Holmes Last Case) was terrible. Not only could I not see it, I couldn't hear it or understand it. The various actors performed with various bad accents passing badly for English and cockney, and some other unintelligible accents. One woman was talking in a high pitched voice with some sort of mangled accent and I couldn't understand a word she said.

On top of that she had a bad wig which came down so far on her forehead that I couldn't see her eyes. Not that I could anyway being seated so far back in the theater.

So that's the story on that.

And then today I got my next Matthew Goode movie from Netflix. It was one of his earlier films. Chasing Liberty and was a terrible movie. The actors were totally unconvincing. They looked as bored as I was. The girl was still a teenager, and the premise was stupid. It was just not believable. No heart. No intelligence. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Wait, the scenery was good but probably fake.

I can understand what Matthew Goode meant when he said in an interview that Leap Year was Chasing Liberty all over again. Many of scenes were major repeats of scenes in Leap Year. Only in Chasing Liberty they were awful. (At least in Leap Year the acting was good and showed a great deal more heart. The young people in Leap Year were older and took life a bit more seriously.

So if it snows here like the weather channel predicts, I will be snowed in with Chasing Liberty instead of the next Matthew Goode movie on my Netflix queue. WAAAAAAAAAA

Monday, January 24, 2011

Clothes & Size

I never thought I'd ever say this but all my damn clothes are too small for me.

I recently donated about two car fulls of clothes and other things to thrift stores (some were my late husband's clothes.) I donated the too old ones, the too boring ones, the too big ones, and some too small ones. Now I'm stuck between sizes and nothing fits.

It's like donating all the baby clothes and equipment and then getting pregnant again.

After I recovered from my serious illness, spinal surgeries, and open heart surgery in 2009, I weighed 120 lbs. for awhile. I was so scrawny that I cried every time I looked in a mirror. I looked 80 years old. Then I started walking and getting healthier (eating again after not eating for a year.) I started exercising and gaining weight. (A good deal of it was muscle that I regained.) At least I plumped out my wrinkles and sagging skin so I didn't look death warmed over anymore.

Thank goodness I didn't get up to what I used to weigh. It took an XL to cover me. Recently I'm able to fit into some of the clothes I used to have to squeeze into uncomfortably.

I have lost 10 lbs. recently without even trying. I am just not as hungry as I used to be. And my appetite for certain foods has lessened. I don't eat a lot of sweets anymore nor do I pop popcorn every night anymore.

I think part of the secret is to stick to that saying, "Don't eat after seven at night." If I get up early and I'm ready to get into bed, I'm too lazy to get back out of bed to go to the kitchen. Or fix something. I can't keep food in my room because the dog might sniff it and chomp into it in the middle of the night.

So, I guess I'll have to go shopping for some medium sized pants or else go try to find my former clothes at the thrift store.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Funny Ha Ha and Funny Strange

Since I am fairly sure none of my family, friends (or strangers, for that matter) are reading my blog and I'm writing for myself, (or is that to myself?) I might as well write what I want. And if you don't like it, you can just piss off (I say that because I am not sure I can say fuck off on blogspot.)

Old Age & Dying
You know, people don't die from old age when they get old. They die from Hell-in-a-handbasket Syndrome. When old folks get to the point they are sure the world is going to hell in a handbasket, they' ready to kick the bucket. If they aren't, they should be.

I do believe in an afterlife, but I'm still out to lunch on the issue of God. I would prefer Him to be a Her, quite frankly. I guess if I don't "believe" in God, I should go the the Unitarian Church. They don't mention God.

I like that anonymous comment on bumper stickers "Heck is where you go if you don't believe in Gosh." Read a bumper sticker near you. (I think that was a bumper sticker, too.)

I loved Ricky Gervais on YouTube discussing his views on religion in an interview. He said, "If there is a God, why did he make me an atheist?" I'm still laughing at that. The man is never going to hell in a handbasket.

If hell exists. Maybe hell is a handbasket.Hmmm.

I love Ricky Gervais's humor. I thought he was funny at the Golden Globe Awards. I'm sorry now I didn't watch it.

I saw an announcement on television (I think it was the Albuquerque weather channel) for the Marine Corp. They ended with that great picture of the men standing in their dress uniforms with the cool slogan: THE PROUD, THE FEW, THE MARINES, and I am sure I saw (in small print)

Everything is dot com now. I wonder if you can truly join the military online. What do they do then? Come to your house and induct you? Drive up in the bus and pick you up? Or do they induct you on the internet or closed circuit TV?

Signs (No, I'm not talking about that Mel Gibson movie)
I'm sure you all (Who?)have seen the young people along side the road (or in the medians) holding up the sign (usually hand written) to draw you into restaurants and car washes. I saw one just a couple days ago for a new donut shop. That was very helpful since I drive by that location frequently and am I a sucker for donuts. Next time I'll slow down below the speed limit and try to turn in the parking lot. I hope they have drive up, since I am usually is a big hurry. But there's no time like the present for a donut.

Then I saw, a block farther down the same road, a guy holding a sign saying "Move in special. 2 bedrooms. Utilities paid." What the hell??? Is someone who happens to be driving by gonna say, "Hmmm. I think I'll have a donut." and then, "Oh. An apartment. I think I'll stop in and move," huh?

This is a bizarre world. Maybe it's going to hell in a handbasket. Oh no. Am I that old already?

Yeah, I DO think I'm funny (Image of handbasket I borrowed from the internet. So sue me.)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Clothing Mistakes

Back in the 1950's when I was young, my mother told me that when she was young, bras had'nt been invented yet. (She was born in 1916.)

Then bras were invented. What were they thinking? And pointed? (And what's with the tiny waists to go with pointed breasts? Corsets deformed a woman's ribcage. That can't be natural or comfortable. Torture like bras.)

Since bras have been invented, and they've worn universally by American women, the rise in breast cancer has become epidemic. Breast feeding, the natural purpose of the breast has been gradually decreasing over the last 50 or 60 years.

When are modern American women going to stop putting looks ahead of common sense and their own health? The fashion emphasis on having large breasts has increased in the 1990's to the ridiculous practice of artificially enhancing them (thus making a woman into a plastic doll?)

And what the hell is a training bra? Do they train the girls to wear bras? Or do they train the breasts the stay under control?

I don't understand men that don't prefer a natural set of breasts that feel real (not to mention feel good) to a pair that look good in a bathing suit or a wet T-shirt. I should think women who look good naked are preferable to women who look better dressed up.

And by the way, when did looks become the test for quality and worth in people instead of integrity, kindness, and ability to give and receive love? (Not to mention common sense.)

I think the people that invented the bra should've been shot. Metaphorically of course. Bras are perhaps the most uncomfortable pieces of clothing except for certain types of shoes. Bras are a modern form of torture.

Bras make people breathe wrong. People are supposed to expand when they breathe not squeeze their rib cages in. It's unhealthy to breathe "backwards" for very long. Personally I would prefer not to restrict the flow of enough oxygen to the brain.

Think about it. How many women rush home from work and tear off their clothes first thing to put on something comfortable? They are instinctively trying to breathe again. It's to escape from the torture of the bra.

Personally, since I am retired and don't care about sticking out my boobs to impress people anymore, I prefer undershirts. They're warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

I sometimes wear sports bras but have a struggle getting into them. I found that stepping into them and pulling them up is way easier than pulling them over my head and trying to slide them down. (Try it.) The only other difficulty with sports bras is that they get rid of cleavage. They squish the breast together in such a way that has created a new word: "uniboob."

I will barely mention high heeled shoes and the craziness of the people that invented them. I understand that men wore them back in the 1700's when they strolled around like peacocks. (Only the rich guys since the peasants were lucky if they even had shoes.)

I wore heels for years, even to work in. My feet were used to them, even walking around on cement floors at the LVMPD Records Bureau where it often felt I was walking my feet into nubs. I assume at a certain point my feet went numb. In fact, there were days I worked the busy counter when my feet hurt all the way up to my knees. When they begin to hurt up to my shoulders, I had to quit that job.

But I knew when it was time to give up high heels. And pantyhose. Another form of torture. Heck, I am old enough to remember times before they were invented. Pantyhose, as uncomfortable as they are, are better than garter belts and stocking with seams. (Yeah, I'm that old. It was very distracting to try to keep the seams straight!)

I wear socks now, yes, even to church. I have some pretty red ones for Valentine's Day. And thick fuzzy ones for winter. And comfortable shoes.

Okay. What about short skirts & dresses? They were a marvel when I was a teenager and a cocktail waitress and didn't really have to do anything but be pretty. (Hey, I worked in a upscale night club and was married. So not THAT kind of cocktail waitress.)

Since pants are in style now all over the world, I can't even see a need for dresses anymore unless it's something formal like a wedding--your own. I have a few formal and casual dresses with hemlines down to my ankles, but rarely wear them. Mostly I wear them in the summer because they are uncomfortable in the winter with cold air blowing up the bottom. (Their bottom and mine.)

Days are over when I need to show off my legs. They were fantastic but I don't need to get high on being judged on my fantastic looks anymore.

I'm a great person, even in sports bras and socks.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Leap Year The Movie -- Did They Do "It"? I say YES

Leap Year. Yes or No? YES. My reasons for thinking they did have sex/make love are below. (These are not in chronological order according to the events in the movie. I wrote them down as I thought of them.

1. He’s a guy and she’s an American. And this was in 2010 not 1910.
2. I ask myself what I would do if I were 20-something.
3. What did the characters say that also meant something else?
4. Numerous facial expressions throughout that say something else than what is actually said.
5. What he said when he came into the room to tell her he would drive her to Dublin. Highly suggestive and foreshadowing? "Come on. Let's do it. But only because you're desperate."6.
6. Declan telling the legend about the castle. What was that all about?
7. Why did Declan say "no peeking?" He wanted her to peek. After all, he peeked at her. It's like saying:(Try not to think about an elephant,right?)
8. Anna bumped into the door when leaving the room. She was looking back at him...dazzled by the sight of him with a towel around his waist. Naked muscles.
9. Frank saying at dinner: “You’re young, married, in love, anyone can see that.”
10. Them “faking” a kiss at the dining table and their reaction to it. Definately a serious communication that surprised them both.(Did you notice Anna how leaned into the kiss? He break it off. They looked into each others eyes and then went back to the charade. Immediately serious and embarrased. That was a real kiss. If you ask me that sealed their fate.
11. What do the words "chancers" and "cheats" refer to, used more than once?(see below.) Was he possibly thinking Anna was similar to Kaleigh. He was probably reluctant to be the one to make the first real move because he'd got burned once with Kaleigh.
12. Watch for the recurring elements that were used to indicate things from earlier scenes relating to what happened later. Also numerous facial or verbal expressions. i.e.: "You know I don't like surprises" and then "You just surprised me. You keep doing that." He told her to "shut up" when he was feeling bad, then when they were driving off at the end, she told him to "shut up" in a humerous way.
13. Declan's facial expressions after Anna says: “Fine, if it’s all about money to you, 675 Euros it is.” Was it? He frowned and thought it over. If he made it all about money, he wouldn't be able to make it about something else, would he? I don't think he wanted to be in bed with a girl and asking for money.
14. They looked at each other when they were both "secretly" turned on and quickly turned away. They were attracted, I surmise, not just in a state of lust. And do you think that was the end of it? The scene ended so we don't know for sure what happened after that, do we? Of course they made love.
15. Back to the time they were in the bed and breakfast deciding who'd sleep in the bed. Declan wanted to win that coin toss either way--heads or tails. He wanted to be in that bed with her regardless. Later in the hotel they were "saying" so much more than they really said. The tone of their voices was intimate. He said asking for the one bob in hushed tones after he glanced around to make sure no one was listening, "The one we flipped for the bed." (Why did she say "Liar" when she gave him the coin? What was she referring to? Maybe the fact of him getting into the bed regardless.
16. When he woke up in the morning and gently removed his hand from her shoulder, he looked at her and gave the tiniest of smiles. Don't miss it. He also looked not just at her face to make sure she was still asleep, but like he felt sure of her or what they had expressed in the night.
17. She has this look on her face when she wakes up. Did she look sort of thoughtful? Like feeling guilty maybe. Or knowing she was in love with him and what was she going to do now--it didn't fit into her plans.
18. When they were downstairs again and Anna was on the phone, Declan brings her breakfast he made for her as if it were a gift, a way to show his joy towards her. His tender enthusiasm turns to disappointment when he hears her on the phone with Jeremy. (Also, offering food is a symbol of offering love.)
19. I think Declan’s expression when Frank asks, “Did you sleep well, lovebirds” and winks. Did Frank perhaps hear something? Declan realized Frank knew. Declan didn't even answer him just turns away keeping his face devoid of expression.
20. Declan continually referring to diddly-eye...meaning “foolish” in Irish slang, implying she was "dancing" her way through life as a shallow person? Didn't he sound a little bitter about diddly-eye a couple of times he said it?
21. The whole thing at the bus station, facial expressions and what is said and not said. Affection, attachment? She saw he was disappointed she left on the bus, or he thinks so, and being happy when he realized she didn't. At that time she knew he cared for her and she was pleased.
22. The look on his face in the bus (contemplation)and him being comfortable with her head on his shoulder.
23. Declan gradually sharing his feelings from the beginning of the movie to the end. By the time they were on the bridge he was opening up to her. It intimate to share your deep feelings with someone. Bonding. But they were also holding back, wary of taking their feelings to the next level.
24. Declan’s tone of voice softening up throughout the movie. He revealed his sensitivity or whatever it's called. In real life men don't do that. Why is it the man I want doesn't exist?
25. Him saying, “You never let your hair down, woman,” and the look that went with it. He was teasing, but did he know she did let her hair down? Watch his face and eyes.
26. His reaction to her agreeing to dance at the wedding and the way he watched her dance. He looked happy instead in misery (about his broken heart over Kaliegh.)
27. On the beach after the wedding. Body language. She leaned against him several times torso to torso connecting. She looked comfortable doing that.
28. When she puked on his shoes and he mutters, “Now that’s romantic.” Having had sex the night before he felt it was romantic not just a free fuck.
29. The way they continually held back from declaring their feelings for each other. Waiting for a sign that the other really took it all seriously. It was obvious they were falling in love but each had a reason they didn't want to make it real by bringing out in the open.
30. One of the biggest plot tricks in romance writing and cinematography -- skipping ahead in the narrative/scene to further developments without actually showing them, i.e. leaving things entirely to the imagination. It my opinion that after the scene cuts to darkness, it was not the end of the action.
31. Matthew Goode’s remarks about it in one interview regarding his daughter being able to see the movie when she's older i.e., that there was nothing sexual, at least not on the screen. He obviously thought sex was implied off camera. Why else was the movie nearly given a PG-13 instead of PG? (Later I listed to his interview and that part had been cut.
32. Typical romance genre formula, sex is a given, even if it's not shown or mentioned. One romance writer said in an article: Some romance writers like to write the sexy love scenes in detail. Other others like to let their characters make love on the blank space between chapter." I paraphrase. (What do I know? I never finished writing my romance book.)
33. When Declan says, “I thought me and Kaleigh were mad for each other," and then added “Apparently not,” and the questioning look he gives Anna. This is my favorite scene, melted my heart. I think he was trying to ask her if it was the same way with her.
34. Asking for only “the one bob.” What did "bob" come to mean? Watch all the facial facial expressions and body language when they talked in the hotel lobby.
35. Jeremy asks if Anna "tipped" Declan and Declan says, “She paid me.” Related to what he said at the end, “It’s going to cost you,” What did she "pay" him with.
36. Oh. Anna was obviously flustered when Jeremy asks Declan “Did she take care of you?” Then Anna if she tipped Declan. Why was she so flustered? This scene makes absolutely no sense unless the answer to this subject is "yes." When Declan says, "She paid me," is he talking about money? And when Declan tells her at the end "It'll cost you," I don't think he meant money since money/payment mean something else to them. And why is he still calling her “bob” when they go on the honeymoon. Did "bob" come to mean something else to them? This is a very subtle word-play.
37. After she accepts his proposal, they kiss; dos that look like a first kiss?!?
38. Would they really get engaged on the basis of only one faked kiss?

Here's another interesting item...regarding symbols in the movie... Declan is always eating apples. The symbols for an apple is, of course, forbidden fruit as well as love, beauty, youth and happiness, according to the internet. It's interesting that he keeps biting into apples and tossing them away half finished. After the disappointment about the breakfast he'd made for Anna, he grabs up another apple. When he tosses the apple half eaten into the trash can, what do you think that means? Think about it.
Definition of CHANCER British: a scheming opportunist
1. a two-faced chancer, he doesn't hesitate to dump people when they are no longer of any use; 2. betrayed by a chancer who, he mistakenly thought, was his friend

Definition of CHEAT: 1. to deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud, 2. to influence or lead by deceit, trick, or artifice

Do you think Declan was trying to determine if Anna was a chancer or cheat? Why would he even want to find that out? Based on what?

So let me know if anyone reads this and what you think about it.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

When Weather Attacks

I feel so beat-up by the weather in 2010.

First that hail storm in October. I have NEVER seen a hail storm that bad in my entire life. The sound was horrid, scared the grandkids, like artillery hitting the house. Shattering of the skylights.

This led to another horrid experience, the roofing job. The insurance company promised to pay for the whole thing less my deductible. Fine. I was in charge of hiring the roofer. I picked Otero and Sons. In short, it was 6 weeks of very unpleasant experiences. I do not recommend hiring them. (I don't think they can sue me for being honest. I was not happy with my contact with them and the roof, something I will have to live with the rest of my life (in this house, assuming my kids won't send me to a nursing home when I get feeble.)

Now it's the snow. I bought a Ford Focus, not thinking ahead to snowfall in the mountains. As a matter of fact, I assumed that my family members and various service providers would have 4-wheel drive, so I'd be okay. The whole time I lived in the mountains I didn't need or use 4-wheel drive except on rare occasions. Front-wheel drive got me through. I most remember the time I drove to work down Sedillo Hill in neutral, the traffic was that slow.

Nor did I use air-conditioning until a few years ago--which included living in Las Vegas NV 16 years in the heat. I got used to desert living.

I am no longer used to snow. It strikes me with fear and loathing.

I have hired a snow plower and will undoubtedly hire him again and again for as long as it takes to get out of here alive.

Christmas week it was warm, light coats and pleasant the upper 40's and lower 50's in Albuquerque. Lows in the mountains about freezing. Wonderful winter weather, if you ask me.

Then the temps dropped below zero at night, warming up to 10 degrees during the days. Our water pipes froze. No water. Turned it back on when it melted and the pressure tank went up to 120 before we cut it back off. So still no water. Paid a small fortune to have an electrical fix it in the fall. Now what?!

I love Mother Nature. But I hate some of Her little gifts.

I certainly hope I do not have to add anymore disasters to this blog.