Friday, March 03, 2006

Author and Writer Sandy Schairer

Hi. Since my blog on The Writers Club vanished along with the hosting site, I decided to start over. Too bad, not everything on the web makes it.

I'm a writer and a published author. I have been a member of SouthWest Writers organization for about 13 years. I have served on the board of directors of this non-profit organization from 2003 through the present and am currently the secretary.

I am also a member of Romance Writers of America and it's local chapter Land of Enchantment Romance Authors: LERA.

I am also a current member of Association for Research and Enlightenment, the org. that is based on the Edger Cayce teachings. (I may renew, maybe not.)

I received my PhD in Metaphysics from American Institute of Holistic Theology in April of 2005. So -- I am a metaphysician who understands and offers support in the areas of holistic health and spirituality.

I am also an ordained minister from Universal Life Church with an honorary Doctor of Divinity with that organization (website.) I am a member of Unity Church in Edgewood NM. after 40 years of studying & trying nearly all relgions and all forms of spirituality.

I am the author of an e-book Once Upon a Blue Moon on I'm the author of Extremely Short Stories for Busy People ABC 123, which is for sale for $10 plus $2 shipping and handling from Please consider sending for your copy today so you can see a sample of my writing. It is humorous flash fiction.

I am so glad to meet everyone and to be accessible on the internet. I promise to respect everyone's privacy and to practice common internet etiquette, and expect the same loving and fair treatment from everyone else.

Hello to my friends and family!
Love and Light, Sandy Schairer in New Mexico

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