Saturday, March 11, 2006

Pronounce Gerard Butler correctly! Please.

Gerard Butler, Scottish actor, who has starred in several movies and been either supporting or bit actor in NUMEROUS other movies and British TV movies, as well as appearing on the stage in his early acting career... has a name that Americans are murdering.

His name is NOT Gah-RARD.
He hates that, and his fans hate to hear that.

He is GER-ahh-rd with a very slight sound on the 'r', almost like Jarod in America.

Like Gerald, except it Gerard. Say it JARE-ahhh(r)d

Please, if you blankety-blank tv announcers and talk show hosts can't say Gerard with the proper Scottish pronunciation, call him Gerry. Please.

You don't call Ralph Fiennes: Ralll-FFFFFFF. He is Raef. Not Fee-N-iss. It Fines. Raef Fines.

So it GER-ahd Butler. Like Gerald without the L.
Please learn to say it right because you and all of us around the world are going to see more and more of him on the big screen. He has graduated from supporting and bit parts (playing murder victims, for gosh sakes, who bite the dust in the first reel.) NO, he is the Title Role Star.
Dracula 2000, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA for godsakes. He has a HUGE fan following. Millions of women and girls and a few boys and men are madly in love with this star.

For their sakes, say his name right.


gerard said...

The approx Scottish pronuncation for Gerard can be heard here: Jared. American pronunciation of Gerard here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, but these websites from the links did NOT have sound on my computer. Sandy

Sandy said...

By the way, Gerard who? American of Scots? I had a great uncle named Gerard. His nickname was Geroddy and he was Hungarian-American. Thanks!!! A GB fan.

Anonymous said...

In the link that "gerard" posted for the american pronunciation of Gerard, if you go down you will see the Scottish pronunciation of Gerard, which is what Butler would prefer his name to be spoken as. It does sound much better than the way we Americans say it, lol

Anonymous said...

I am one of the madly in love phans. He has such a charming, wonderful accent, and you are so right to say that we Americans can spoil it.. I don't get angry when they say GerARRRRD, I just kindly correct them... haha :) Thank you for explaining, I love his interviews with Craig Ferguson (Not sure how to spell) and Gerard is SO funny when he goes GerAAAAAARRRRD HAHA :D

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with Gerry when he was Phantom singing to Christine. I heard him singing in my head for weeks. He was all I thought about for 4 years. My husband was not fond of that. I want his Glaswegian accent back like it sounded in the BBC TV mini series The Jury. I still like Gerry but have also fallen for Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the new PBS modern day Sherlock. I am a sucker for blue eyes.