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Sick vs. Spiritual

Sick Vs. Spiritual? November 11, 2005 An old post from my previous blog site.

I do believe we can affect our bodily condition with our thoughts. Our thoughts are always our choice because they are based on our perception and that is also choice. We can choose to see things as terrible, or see them as okay. We can talk ourselves into feeling angry or sad as well as happy and contented depending on what we elect to "see."

A clinical RN told me once that emotions are triggered by a certain thought and they run through your mind for about three minutes. If you do not think another triggering thought, the bout of emotion is over like a little thunderstorm. However, if you sit there and allow the bad feelings to conjure up more thoughts of sad circumstances, you can string a lot of sad "3-mintes" together.

Not withstanding, I do not believe that we entirely create our own reality with our thinking. Truth be told, there is only one Reality and it is God. Our understanding, thoughts, feelings, experiences, education and choices determine our comprehension of that one reality. We can perhaps determine if we go through a sudden downpour of rain, that it's perfectly fine to run and get wet but your positive or negative thoughts don't control whether rain is wet and if it gets on you, you become wet.

One is viewpoint and related to truth--higher or lower truth, and the other is just a fact of nature or physical science (in other words the body level or material part of existence.)
We can cuss about getting wet or we can accept it and not create a bad feeling about the rain. Just deal with it.

The same holds true for illness, sickness or even injury. If we truly believe that our thoughts and feelings create our situation--even the physical--it doesn't necessarily mean that we are spiritually off base and need a psychic tune-up or a prayer for cleansing.

For instance, falling and breaking your arm may not have anything to do with your thoughts about God and the nature of reality, it might just mean that you THOUGHT that you could run on a wet surface without falling. If you get a cold, it might mean that you THOUGHT you could be in the same space and time with germs (who, by the way, are living entities and part of the same Wholeness of the Universe that we are.) It doesn't mean that we have been blasphemous or lax in our devotions or other such nonsense that went out of style after the Inquisition.

Germs and microbes evolved on this planet (or plane of existence, if you will) the same time mankind was developing into a higher sentient beings. They definitely have their job to do. They were given the mission to eat dead or dying tissue, basically, so we wouldn't be up to our knees in decaying matter. They eat the dead leaves, the birds that fall out of the
sky from heart failure. AND, since our tissues are continually sloughing off and dying so to speak as new tissue is generated and grown in its place, it might just be that germs get a little confused now and then and bite into adjoining tissue.

The symptoms of so-called illness are really the by-products of the miraculous body's attempt to toss out the invaders and reclaim the territory for us.

And since "all things work together for good, for those that believe..." then perhaps we ought to take a more gleeful approach to illness.Consider the fact it gets you out of school or work so you can get a much-needed rest (that you have perhaps been avoiding taking in your busy schedule.)

If the body is the temple of God, and Christ lives within as our piece of God and personal spirit, that part of us is always okay. Our soul can even be okay most of the time if we just declare it to be. I would like to propose that we declare catching something and feeling sick for a while is also okay for our little temples of God. Trust the body's wisdom. Declare that all is well.

Jesus Christ did that when he went to Lazarus's tomb and COMMANDED that Lazarus come forth after he was dead four days. If Lazarus was allowed to be resting completely dead for four days, I am sure Jesus would cut us some slack and let us rest and nurse our colds for a few days.

I am suffering from a nasal and throat infection (back in Nov.) and I, me, myself that lives in my body are all fine.

In fact, inside my body I am a thin, youthful, energetic, & sexy woman,regardless of what the mirror tells me.

The truth is, dear reader, that in the physical world anything and everything can happen--we are never safe. And in the spiritual world, where our souls live and move and have our being inside of God, nothing can possibly happen to us that isn't good from Good, we are always safe.

Now I am going to go rest my 60-year-old temple of God since I am at least one or two of the seven dwarfs today: Sneezy and Dopey and probably Grumpy.

Sandy Schairer, Ph.D., D.D., Metaphysician

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