Monday, February 13, 2012


Today it's sunny cloudy sunny cloudy sunny.  The snow is blowing around, big flakes flying up, down, and sideways. And in spirals.

The weather is crazy lately. But after all it's 2012. What can you expect?

Today it's 34 degrees. Last year it was 34 below zero. Never, ever, never, ever that cold here.

 I wonder if what Zecharia Sitchin wrote is right? He wrote in his book The 12th Planet that a planet with an orbit around our sun taking 3600 years. When it's ready to cut through the orbits of the rest of us planets it causes gravity to go haywire and cause all sorts of cataclysmic events on known planets. Heck, probably on other planetary solar systems too. 

Maybe it's gravity will pick up Pluto and whisk it away and the debate over whether it's really a planet will cease. But then Marduk will be the 11th planet not the 12th Planet.
Yes, it's name is Marduk. I don't know if that's the real name of it or just what he calls it. There's a Marduk in human mythology, I'm sure.

Hey, something made Atlantis sink, and Machu Picchu to rise up from the coast to 14,000 feet elevation. An event that changed the Sahara and Egypt into deserts and made the sea wash over the Sphinx. (Don't you watch those cable channel 'documentaries'?)

Graham Hancock in Fingerprints of the Gods convinced me that the Sphinx is way older than archaeologists think it is (another story.  He also convinced me Atlantis didn't just sink. When the earth went through all those cataclysmic changes  most likely the tectonic plates moved around and moved the continent we jokingly call Atlantis to the bottom of the planet forming (you guessed it) Antarctica. 

As you recall Antarctica has land under the ice. Thought I don't believe the maps showing Antarctica are real. I suspect Atlantians spoke Atlantian not anything we call a language today.

Who knows what everybody will think tomorrow.

And as I can't remember what the point of this was so I'll end here lest your eyes get weary of listening.

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