Saturday, February 04, 2012

THE END IS NEAR? Thoughts on 2012

TS Eliot (1988-1965) Poet

The Hollow Men

....This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but a whimper.

Is the world going to end in 2012?

I do believe the end is in sight. It's might be in 2012, it might be in 2112 of 2121, but the world will definitely end sooner or later.

The "world" in this case means the same as it does in in A Course in Miracles. ACIM says the world's an illusion. It means basically that what we've created in real-time isn't really real.

I think "the world" in both of these scenarios means the world of things and activities that we've created--we've made--we've built.

The world is not The Earth. The Earth will be fine without mankind's world of events.

However it does end, of course a few humans will survive and start the world all over again.

I think the Mayans are talking end of the world, not the cessation of the earth, when they made their calendar end at 12/21/2012. (How do we know they meant the year 2012? Their calendar was different. Way different. It's only 2012 to us because we decided to appoint a year "#1" 2012 years ago. Let's not get into that. I hate math.

If it is the earth of physical matter that's to end, it could be instantly gone and us with it. We wouldn't even be aware of not being here. But I don't believe it will go that fast before we suffer a little at first. (Or with a whimper a la Eliot.)

After all, look at the Mayan civilization. It basically ended. They had an advanced culture and it's gone. Now they've made a good start at starting over; resurrecting their language, art and culture. And re-populating as Mayans.

We'd have to be mighty ignorant to assume that won't happen to other cultures and civilizations, including our own. It's happened too many times to many tribes and nations. Plus there are the ones that are so long gone we don't even know they existed.

It would a very simple and quick way for the world, as we know it, to end. Some scientists predict cataclysmic weather and even geological/geographical changes, possibly caused by sun spots. Some even go as far as to predict upheaval of the tectonic plates rearranging the land masses and bodies of water. (Which is proven to have happened in the earth's past more than once.) Maybe there were other civilizations before the dinosaurs and if big reptiles could think they'd wonder why people went extinct.

So. How could the world end?


Everything would come to an abrupt halt. Chaos would soon reign. Human existence would screech to a halt.

Let's face it, someday we are going to use more electricity at the same time than we can handle it. That will cause a tremendous blow-out. Civilization will suffer a power-meltdown. Since nearly everything in the world is based on using electricity, the world has no choice but to "end."  

There are just no batteries big enough to handle us. And nuclear energy has proven unreliable. (Or if we could use it, we could just go up in a puff of smoke or particles or whatever.)   

Without electricity we can't eat or heat, drive or thrive.

All our food production in "advanced" societies is dependent on electricity. It'd only be a matter of time before animals were killing us for food rather than the other way around.

We'll be burning things down to keep warm. We'd be stuck in massive traffic jams with no way to get anywhere, as if being somewhere would matter.

Even our communication is built on electricity, so read my blog while there is still time left.

Of course there will still be a few "modern" people left who will travel to where the primitive people (?) never used electricity. These "modern" people will teach these so-called primitive people what they know and start the whole ball rolling again.

But no matter whatever happens to us, I think Mother Earth will be fine. Even if She fell into the sun, she'd be glorious & bright.

In fact, She might even be better without us. 

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