Monday, February 27, 2012


I started recording my dreams. It's interesting to see the insights I get about my myself.

Remembering dreams is a matter of waking up with feelings and translating those to thoughts and receiving the 'message'.

Today I dreamt I changed into a boy. I went fishing in a boat with 'my father' who happened to be my second husband's father Jake. 

I had trouble becoming a boy and realized I had to behave like an adult. Be a man, so to speak. 

This dream has double meaning.

When I was a child (in real life) I decided that if I had to grow up to be a woman instead of a man, in this patriarchal and male-dominated world, I wouldn't grow up at all. I'd stay a little girl.


I think I've accomplished that 'goal'.

I believe this dream has less to do with gender and more about claiming my power as an adult.

The dream's more about why I stayed childish instead of childlike. I realize now that I'm more immature than I am a late-bloomer. 

In other words, the message of my dream today is: "GROWN UP" and "GET A LIFE".

Sometimes those old cliched axioms are still right-on.

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