Sunday, June 11, 2006

Prayer Gets Results

Prayer Gets Results

One thing I have always been proud of (in a non-conceited way) is that I have friends with different beliefs and ideologies than I have, and we get along well. Some are fundamentalists in religion, some non-believers, and conservatives in politics and even Bush supporters and military folks, even tho I am anti-war [on general principles of finding a non-violent way to solve differences] and I'm inot different forms spirituality, so to speak.

The thing I find is that we are all Americans and support each others right to freedom of belief in whatever form it takes. The old saying holds sway, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it!!!!"

And lets face it, we are all praying to the same Divine Being no matter what we call God in our heart of hearts.

A relative of mine, who lives at a distance from me, and I both have children and grandchildren all around the same ages, and we write now and again and let each other know how our families are doing. But mostly, we write to request specific prayer. We pray for each other and our various kids when we feel one or more of them are standing in the need of prayer and God's love and protection. (I must admit, I have never seen more rapid and/or thorough answers this particular branch of the family gets from their prayers!!! It's no wonder I request prayer from them as well as my minister, local friends, and church, when I need some spiritual support.)

She just wrote me today with this miraculous story....

"As you know our son is in Iraq and I wanted to share this with you and give glory to God at the same time! Yesterday, his humvee was hit by an IED. He and his guys were called out to investigate a dirt mound by the road. He had his driver pull up on the opposite side of the dirt mound (the side away from the road). When they pulled up, the IED exploded. It blew their humvee over. The truck behind them thought they were all dead. They were in a cloud of dust and smoke. But they all walked away from it, with headaches and ringing ears from the noise and pressure, but NO serious injuries. All the shrapnel blew into the road. After EOD cleared it, they went back and they found shrapnel and exactly half of the 125mm round was still intact. Only the side facing away from them blew up. He told his men that if they looked close at the round, they could see God's hand print. They all stopped and thanked God... even the atheist of the group! Keep praying for our son and his guys. Our prayers are working!!!

And more good news along this line, I requested prayer from her for my oldest son who has been very sick in California for about six months. Just last week, he finally found substantial help that he needed. He was in the hospital, assigned a social worker to help find him medical financial aid and he is now in a men's shelter for further rehabilitation and possibly long-term assistance until or if and when he can get back on his feet. I asked for prayer for him, and I just knew it would get results, even though it has taken six months. In addition, my son asked me to mail him a little cross to wear around his neck again to remind him of God's love.

Keep praying and expect miracles. Don't just believe, know that God cares.
Keep an attitude of gratitude.

Blessed be, Sandy

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Berni said...

This is wonderful news about your son. And the power of prayer.

Love, Berni