Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Frogs and Goals

Frogs and Goals

Of goal-setting
Just going with the flow

This way

If you were a frog
On the shore of the pond
And wanted to get to the other side

This would be your goal
Set this goal


Now are you going to walk around the water on land?
Jump from rock to rock and hope there’s enough
And you won’t be stranded on an island in the stark middle of nowhere?

Or are you going to plunge in and swim
And hope the currents are right?
(A lot of frogs do that. We never from them again.)

What you do is
You hop onto the Lilly pads
That just happen to be there
Go jump from one to the next
And jump again

Until you reach
Your goal

That’s life
That’s how it’d done.


                         Sandy Schairer
                         June 2006

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