Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Poetry: Insomnia Pays Off

Poem by Sandy Schairer 6/14/2006

Insomnia Pays Off

There once was a woman
Who just could not sleep
She drank cups of warm milk
And tried counting sheep
She tossed and she turned
Then put on the light
And went out of her room
And into the night
She descended the stairs
And wandered the house
Walking in darkness
A scared little mouse
Next day at the libr’ry
She checked out some books
With a stack of sixteen
She drew quite some looks
She read Mark Twain’s essays
And all about hist’ry
Romance and then SciFi
Of course tons of myst’ry
When her eyes grew so heavy
She gave a big yawn
And looked out the window
It was already dawn
She gave up on her reading
Books way overdue
So she turned them all in
Wondered next what to do
Getting some pens
And of course reams of paper
She began to write stories
Stayed up even later
When her M.S. was done
She switched off the light
And crawled into bed
Fell asleep, hoped she might
Her book soon was published
Sold copies galore
Up way past midnight
She wrote several more
Her lover soon left her
(Felt cold in the bed)
And found a young blond
To sleep with instead
But our best-selling author
Was rich past her dreams
Hardly did miss him
While riding moonbeams
Her book signings successful
With lines ‘round the block
But always were scheduled
Way past 9 o’clock
Only night-owls came to her
To get autographs
Her life was just wonderful
And full of great laughs!
The End
~Sandy Schairer 6-14-06


Marianne said...

The poems are wonderful! They made me smile!

Sandy Schairer said...

Thank you, Marianne!!!