Monday, December 28, 2009

Blogs may express sentiments that are out of date

Here is where I stand now on the opposite-sex friendships. They are not as impossible as I once thought they were. From my hand written journal see below:


" My male-friend and I seem to have an enthusiasm for exploring human nature and willingness to do that together or at the same time. It’s not predictable or “standard” but it’s good just like it is. Real with real ups and downs.

“Good for us! We’re doing well.


“By joining our paths for awhile we will grow in confidence and capability and be stronger, more alive people, able to go on as individuals and perhaps have future partners afterward more completely and easily.

“I really, really want to have a learning relationship that is based on two strong individuals− no dependency or ownership, no serious jealousy and no judging or condemning the way each of us is. Just acceptance and a willingness to try.

“I need to become a complete whole person and individual in myself and I think the right type of non-committed, loving friendship with freedom to give and freedom to be free would help me become a “grown-up,” stable woman who could accept a man just the way he really is.

“I just can’t get over how much my communication is helping me understand myself! Wow.

“With a friend so sweet, open and honest, I can’t help loving him.

“Later: I think an active and even difficult learning experience within a mysterious, unpredictable relationship − especially an intense one in many areas − is a great opportunity in life.

Even later: “I think what I want to learn eventually is how to share love on an emotional basis as honestly and direct as I can be − not just going through the motions but intimacy and caring and giving and receiving with awareness and openness.” [Without hiding or retreating, or overwhelmed with fear, I mean.]

“It would be so good to have that kind of loving experience in this lifetime before it’s over.

I want a close friendship with affection but not be ‘a couple,’ not to go places as ‘a unit.’ I want my freedom, my friends and my separate life, activities, decisions and my own home, my own stuff, and my privacy.

But I do want to give this strange 'educational' relationship a chance to develop. So wish us some luck."

Nothing happens by accident. We draw people into our lives for a reason. And everything works out for the best if we acknowledge the guidance of Spirit in everything that happens. Nothing happens in the long-run, except by God's Will.

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