Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Evil People, What happens to them spiritually?

It's interesting that Sylvia Browne in her book Tenets of Novus Spiritus talks about dark entities just existing and then being reabsorbed back into Spirit at the "end" (of their "lives" or the end of the world as we know it, either one.)

It's as if "their job" is to represent evil and negativity on this planet Earth (which Sylvia and others believe is a gigantic school of lessons for spiritual evolution.)

If what is purely of the Earth (or matter realm) is illusion as some philosophies have stated, then the dark entities Sylvia talks about are merely shadows, similar to the shadows described by Carl Jung. They are part of the illusion.

A shadow by definition is merely a place where light is temporarily blocked. The light is still there and the shadow goes away when the light shines on it differently. Not real.

SO--I have decided that people who are purely evil and come here to create evil, negativity, suffering and destruction (while they are playing the role they chose or were assigned to somehow) are not "real." They are illusion. They are shadows. They cease to exist when they go back to Spirit and are basically obliterated or cease to be anything when they rejoin with Pure Spirit (and they lose their individuality or individual souls/spirits.)

Maybe. Sounds good to me.

Basically, these evil entities & shadow people are representations of evil...which in God's World or on spirit level perception...do not exist. These negatives represent something that isn't real, something that doesn't really exist.

That makes sense to me.

They are perhaps acting out the role of catalyst to bring mankind to a kinder, more loving, and stronger (as in-- tougher) place as we all go through our lifetimes & journeys toward enlightement.

This is just a theory that eases my mind when I wonder, What were these evil people thinking, coming here to hurt us?" Are we to forgive them? Does God forgive them? No, I don't believe they are "rewarded" or "punished" such as--in going to Heaven or Hell, they just cease to BE. No longer individual souls. Nothing.

I like that. I would rather think of Hitler and other purely evil shadows as going completely away into oblivion rather than reincarnating again and again living beside and among us and trying time and time again to "get it" (whatever it is--salvation, enlightenment, forgiveness.) (If perhaps there is a true soul that was misguided into using evil means for something, well, I am all for them working out their salvation and enlightenment here. That's not what I am referring to.)

Anyway, I hope Einstein has figured out by now if the Universe is friendly. Someday we'll know for sure.

Blessings, Sandy

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Maria Palma said...

These are some interesting thoughts which I can certainly understand.

I do know that every human being, even the evil ones, are good deep down inside. The Universe has put these people here for a reason, perhaps, as you mentioned, "acting out the role of catalyst to bring mankind to a kinder, more loving, and stronger (as in-- tougher) place..."

Makes sense :)