Monday, April 10, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code

I recently received a newsletter with a link to a story about the new Da Vinci Code movie. It was about a Catholic priest, bishop or something, that was urging all Catholics to boycott the movie when it comes out.

Of course being an argumentative person…I love to debate…I don’t personally attack anyone, I emailed him with two words: It’s fiction.

He wrote back--Yes, he knew it was fiction but "unfortunately some people don’t know the difference between fact and fiction."

I thought, if he could TELL people to boycott it, he could just as easily tell them: It’s fiction.
There are some questions about the controversy of Da Vinci Code.

One—If it’s fiction how does it threaten people? How does it threaten the truth?

Two—Does the truth need defending?

Three—Does a church really want uneducated people with closed minds (who don’t know the difference between fact and fiction) as members?

Four—If it IS proven (which it never will be) that Jesus was married, does that make Him any less the Son of God? Would the Catholics fire him as Savior? Would the Baptists? If Jesus decided to get married back in the old days, don’t you think He would have gotten God’s approval first? If He did get God’s approval, did God make a mistake?

Five—If Jesus went someplace else besides Heaven, such as France, after he was resurrected, would that really hurt Christianity?
I like fiction, I like books, and I like movies. I also am a spiritual and sometimes religious person. I don’t think anything in the realm of fiction or even non-fiction that I read can remove the truth and my beliefs about the truth from mind. Nor can it interfer with my relationship with God and the guidance I receive from God about the Truth and every other matter.

I believe it's only in opening our minds to a variety of ideas and expanding our consciousness and awareness as wide as we can, that we reach our own understanding of Divinity and God and our relationship to God. And another thing, using our minds is FUN.

Dan Brown is a good writer. His stories have the backdrop of “religion” to make them interesting and specific. If he wrote a story about CIA or FBI, would those organizations urge everyone to boycott the books/movies to avoid picking up false beliefs about them? I don’t think so. (Take a look at X-Files. DUH.)

Just because something deals with religion doesn’t give anyone the right to dictate what others can do with their own brains. If you are a strong Catholic and believe in the church as an institution, you could watch dozens of movies that are not Catholic in flavor, and they won’t harm your spirituality or prevent you from going to church or even getting into Heaven.
Enjoy reading fiction.
Do NOT fear the written word. Opening your mind will not harm you. On the other hand, keeping your mind closed tight and remaining uneducated just might harm you.

Certainly, you can decide the difference between fact and fiction for yourself, right?

Think about it!!!
As the modern "proverb" says: "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."-Anon.
PS - If this is your copyrighted picture, let me know, and I'll give you credit or remove it. Thanks. I have no intention of stealing it. I just love to see Jesus smiling and full of joy.

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Shiranda Deerwoman said...

I enjoyed Sandy's thoughts as she has expressed them here. I'm not very familiar with The Da Vinci Code in terms of content, tho I easily join with Sandy's comments that it need not threaten religious groups and certainly cannot threaten Truth. I love it. Shiranda Deerwoman