Monday, August 08, 2011


I have a pen and ink drawing that my late husband got at a craft show in the 1970's for an unknown cost (or in trade.) I don't know when or where but Ed, a woodworker, did craft shows in 1970's in the southwest (USA) so it's probably in that vicinity.

The artist is Whitt Pritchette and the art work is entitled "Aces and Eights" and it's of Wild Bill Hickcok with aces and eights hidden in the details of the picture.

If anyone knows an artist or former artist by that name or if you ARE this Whitt Pritchette, please contact me.

If you are familiar with other pieces by Whit Pritchette I am interested in getting a ballpark figure on what his artwork might be worth. If I don't find out something about it, to the Salvation Army Thrift Store it goes.

Also, I'd like to know where the Ace of Clubs is hidden. I've found the two 8s, but only the Ace of Spades.

It's based on this photo of Hickok. Exceptionally well done with embellishments in fine black and white pen strokes.

Update: I found Rein Whitt-Pritchett on the internet. Watched a video of an interview. He's a long time if not well known artist with stuidos/galleries in NM and CO. I emailed him and he wrote back that "There's only one Whitt-Pritchett." He said it would probably not be a good idea to donate one of his drawings to the Salvation Army. He also told me that the Albuquerque Art Museum bought and displayed two of his works.

Immediately I thought it couldn't have been an original drawing so I looked at the penciled signature. It also said 14/40. So, I have print 14 out of 40 that were made. (I don't mean a xerox copy. A professional copy, a PRINT. My brother-in-law, an artist, asks up to $500 for a print of his work depending on the size.

So I hung the picture back on the wall where it belongs. I'm not a big fan of Wild Bill Hickok but I did get a question about him correct when I was watching Jeopardy.

I am a fan of art, Wild Bill or not. I was thrilled to hear from the actual artist. Thank you Mr. Whitt-Prichette.

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