Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Advice and Other Meaningless Information

I thought I'd share some of helpful insights I've come up with lately. Or is that lately insights? You other writers out there, please forgive the adverbs. I know they're annoying (especially to know-it-alls).


1. Don't cook spaghetti wearing your good shoes.

2. Don't wear a good shirt or blouse when you eat spaghetti.

C. If you have to eat spaghetti at a formal gala, make sure do so in a rented tuxedo. Women wear your strapless evening gown enough that the sauce splashes on your cleavage. (You know who you are. And I don't think you can rent gowns.)

(Not that #3 pertains to me, but maybe some rich and famous people read blogs. (I know Aston Kutcher does, oh no sorry, that's facebook.)


I know Karl Jung is pronounced Karl "Young" in English and in German much the same but with a German accent (and not the one Hogan's Heroes came up with. Oh no--I've dated myself unless you count re-runs.)

Did you ever think how his Karl Jung's name would sound in Spanish? Carlos Hung?

And in Chinese would he sound something like Chang Wang? (Or am I thinking of John Wayne as pronounced by Jackie Chan in one of his bone-breaking movies?)


I've pretty much discovered all religions are the same at the root (except maybe fundamentalism which focuses on sending everyone else to hell. Though that's irrelevant to the study of religions, especially those with a spiritual basis.)

I compare religions and spiritual teachings to find the similarities, not the differences. Contrary to public opinion.

That outlook might work better than the traditional way of fighting in the name of God or like locking up your own countrymen for very mean reasons, and/or killing a bunches of each other at home and abroad. (Oh no, are we back to German and Chinese. No offense intended. Don't exclude America. And, of course, the Spanish Inquisition.)

As this is designed to be a humorous blogspot (I hope), I won't let you in on how I've connected some dots in comparing religions.

Since it would tend to be rather boring to people not into reading, writing and being opinionated. (Wait, I've heard that " everyone has an opinion". Didn't Ben Franklin coin that phrase or was it one of the President Bushes?)

So, OK. Blog-over for now. Toodle-oo

PS: Comments are welcome except from people suffering from a lack of sense-of-humor.

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TJay said...

Tim, "The Tool Man" said: "I have NO opinion. I HAVE no opinion. I have no OPINION."