Thursday, July 13, 2006

More on The Phantom of the Opera

Part IV

An important part of the media, is realizing the power it has over people's minds. Psychologically and even physiologically.

It's a known fact that music with a certain tempo (60 beats per minute) can put a person's mind into a mild state of altered consciousness. It seems to reach the mind at an unconscious or subliminal level, opening up the subconscious (perhaps) for easier absorption of stimuli and information.

If you know this, you can use this type of music to open your creative talents and write more easily from a subconscious level, if you happen to be a composer or an artist for instance.

But I noticed that certain songs from The Phantom of the Opera were subtly programming the minds of some viewers. Whether it was the beat of the music or the over-all emotionality of the movie scene, or a clever arrangement of words, this may explain why so many people were effected by the movie and the music.

Consider the lines in The Phantom of the Opera theme that the Phantom and Christine sing together (number 5 on the official CD.)

The Phantom of the Opera is now inside your/my mind.

So, getting hooked on the movie and the music and even the actor might have been a result of subliminal hypnotism.

They are certainly in my mind!! How about you?

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Deborah said...

Dear Sandy,
I copied and printed out Parts 1,2 & 3 of your The Phantom of the Opera Blog , and you made me see different things inside the Phantom's mind than I've never seen before. I think that I was too busy drooling over Gerry and sympathising with his tragic situation in the movie.
I can't say that I agree with all of your ideas, but they are very interesting to read and think about.
I do agree that Gerry gave that role all of his heart & soul and he deserved some sort of Award.
He was brilliant, he sang his emotions with his voice & he was so wonderful & Gerry got right into the Phantom's heart & soul, but he was also a very good madman but I can't forget how abused he was, it's there for everyone who sees the movie, but I was so with the Phantom as the story rolled on & I felt so emotional for him and so sorry for his horrible life & Gerry made me feel all of that in his brilliant performance!
You are SO right about there not being enough great words to describe Gerry's as the Phantom of the Opera & his pain.
Thank you for your ideas about POTO.
Thanks also for reading this.
Big Gerry Hugs,

Sandy Schairer said...

Thank you, Deborah. I appreciate the feedback and meeting someone as fond of Gerry as I am!

Anonymous said...

Sandy -

Loved your 4-part piece on Phantom of the Opera. Your analysis was a gift, giving me many things to think about that I hadn't snapped to before.
I especially loved the idea of music with 60 beats per minutes creating a mild state of altered consciousness. That's the speed of our heartbeat, isn't it?
I'm going to put Phantom on the player and do some writing.
Judy Avila

Sandy Schairer said...

Thanks, Judy. It means a lot when a fellow writer likes my stuff.
XXOO, Sandy